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Zombie Pin Up Apocalypse
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  From the Creators and Collaboration of "Savage She", body paint artist Douglas Hoppe and Chelleby Starr team up to create the dynamic "Zombie Pin Up Apocalypse". For this artistic expression, Rachel Sawyer, model from "Savage She" is a featured figure among the decay. The series introduces new comer Brittani Elise, and artist, model Jocelyn Winslow who both make epic, eerie beauties from beyond.
  The theme is to create the hair and make up of pin up along with body paint expression of a zombie to feature Douglas Hoppe's body paint skills and Chelleby's artistic twist to photography.
  Special thanks to Kirby Anonumos for his unbelievable assistance, vision and insight to all things artistic and being an amazing, inspiring, unconditional loving personal friend.