"Remember" is a multiple level film of artistic imagery to evoke passion and inspire. "Remember" explores love felt and lost with heavy over tones of spiritual and philosophical messages. People are symbols of different aspects of humanity.  The Catalyst prompts us to seek within ourselves truth. The single woman represents Pure, True Love. The Couple symbolize Selfishness, Materialism, Insecurities, Exchange of Materialism, Mental Instability and Jealously that are familiar and comfortable.
The waitress represents freedom of choice/free will.  When True Love is there, no one can deny it. All have different ways of dealing. Some are destruction to their inner being. Others are construction and transcending to their inner being.

"There is no disguise that can hide love for long where it exists, nor simulate love where it does not exist". Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld

©2010-2012 Artistic Expressions of Chelleby

Remember from Peter Stahl on Vimeo.

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