Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
The ArtisitThe Artisit
©2010-2012 Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
Silence surrounds
Memories sear, tear, heart pounds.
Thinking of you, the hero of sweet, gentleman charm, humor, sincere smirk, outrageous spontaneous quirk.
From first sight, eyes met, surge of passion, dynamic instant fiery furry of attraction.
Justin...this soul mourns for your presence, this vessel yearns for your essence.
A touch, a glance, remorse our romance.
Inconsolable whispered from pink lips as the Chaplin approached this broken one.
Why say good bye when you were already gone?
Held your hand until the beeping stopped, felt the last pulse of life force abandon the wreckage of flesh the accident left. Your gorgeous vessel became instantly empty and stiff.

Sometimes it seems like a life ago, sometimes it seems like seconds.
The days we ran and played, equal spirits, the film festival, the "Order-Rama" movie, the dinners, the laughter, our dance to "Just Died In Your Arms Tonight", our playful competitiveness in every game we could think of, the wind blowing in our hair riding on the bike, the bike of our freedom, the bike that launched you early away.
Remember, honor, cherish your memory on this and every day.

Justin, miss your love, humor, voice, your spirit.
"We are what we repeatedly do. LOVE, then, is not an act but a habit." ~Chelleby ;0) Also, a grim reality is the truth that people who practice selfish motives then become selfish versions of them self. As a positive reality, are those who practice pure motives become pure versions of them self. What you daily take part in is not what you do, it is who you become. So if one daily seeks to full fill a selfish desire, not caring who they hurt to get what they want, that is not what they is who they ARE. The selfish lust has over taken them and become them. In the opposing optimistic manner, those who daily seek to become pure love, that is who they are. Actions define motive. Actions expose who you are. Love is action personified, identifier of truth.
Spiritual growth is exercise of the soul.
Principles of selflessness, truth, honor and love must be acted upon and repeated to become instant response and part of your heart. Inspire. Trancend. Flow in truth and love. It is the pulse, the essence of life. ~Chelleby
If a man is not grateful for what he has, he will not be grateful for what he gets. Indeed. Gratitude is an attitude that transforms your core and opens up the positive aspects of your soul.
We are vessels created to inspire and love. In our truest, enlightened forms, reflectors and mirrors of the soul we illuminate truths that manifest in others.
So when another sees their own reflection in us...they are confused and believe it to be us...not themselves. This is called projection. So when raw feelings of love manifest along with insecurity and ego...disaster strikes the heart and spirit of those plagued by what they know to be true and the lie they fight.
This circle of psyche is the Paradigm of resolution. That is why this artist's exhorts you, us all, to inspire, transcend your ego into your true heart and soul where real love lives and longs to become the whole empowerment of your being, your core, your strength.
Let the dead leaves of selfishness, pride, carnal lust, fall off your tree and grow into the illuminated, enlightened true love version of yourself you are meant to be.
~Chelleby Starr
We, but vessels of flesh and blood created by The Divine Artist every breath, our expressions, our songs, dances, poetry, images, may they be gratitude, encouragement and appreciation, reflections of love for each other and our Ultimate Author of Life. ~Chelleby
Respect goes beyond courtesy.
Adoration beyond flattery.
When one loves, true, they treat you as if you are one in a million...not one of a million. Inspire. Transcend.
Transcend the defense of the Ego.
Ego is a defense mechanism of the psyche that can deceive humanity into believing that this is their sole identity.
Illuminated souls recognize the ego as the "false self", not as TRUE identity.
Inspire. Transcend.
It takes one day to find your soul mate and a life time to figure it out.
It takes a life time to find your soul mate and a day to figure it out.
Realm. Reality. Infinity.
Consider yourself souls with a body instead of a body with a soul.
Consider the spiritual realm is more real than the physical.
Consider that before anything becomes action it must first be a thought.
Consider art is an expression of ones very soul.
Consider the creation of a human being, the complexity, the life and breath itself a very miracle before talent is dispersed from lips or fingers to inspire another.
Consider we were created for glory, love, peace and joy. ~ Chelleby
We are all beings on an artistic journey.
A critical eye can not see art for the enigma expression it is.
For art is more than vision. Art is the soul, the heart. Inspire. Transcend. ~Chelleby
When we learn from our weakness, we live free with no regrets and transcend into our higher self. Inspire.Chelleby
Desire, Passion, Dedication aligned with Determination forges artistic expression creation. ~Chelleby
Perfection, an unreachable illusion.
Greatness is carved within Beauty Among Chaos. ~Chelleby Starr
Extraordinary artist are always before their time, misunderstood by the present, creating expressions for the future, visionaries far beyond. Inspire. Transcend.
Dedication is not what is expected of you. Dedication is what you commit yourself to forge, create and give to others.
Inspire. Transcend.
We are always on a journey. We are always becoming who we are.
"True Strength of the Soul is forged in moments of solitude not in a multitude."
“Life is a gift - Death, our promise.

Time is an illusion for the mortals. To compare their greatness to the Almighty is a gift from the Supreme Deity for us to replenish and recover from all of our folly.”
Art is pulse, a rage, a passion that is a fury inside this soul waking, quaking to be expressed pouring from within to be without to inspire to ignite others.
"The wind continues its duty invisible, with no concern of human doubts. Angels are among us, protecting, guiding our path as messengers of God. They will complete their missions weather frailty of thought believes in them or not."
Wanted to take a moment to express extreme thankfulness to the blessings this soul has. Truly grateful for the honor to do this vessel's passion: physical manifestation of artistic imagery within this realm. What a pleasure. What an exuberant joy it is to create artistic expressions that enrage the ignorant, encourage the elite, evoke emotion, support environmental and echo friendly movements and positive change internally, mental, spiritual, externally and internationally. Grateful to God the creator for this breath of life.
INSPIRE. TRANSCEND. This Artist Chelleby Starr
Truth and Love are the same. ~Chelleby Starr ~
In the light of the dawn on the horizon of a broken heart...this vessel is at peace to have inspired passion in another soul, if even for a glimpse of what is truth. It is not the having of love that is the treasure, it is the becoming of love, pure bliss, those who come near celebrate in the joy. Thankful to be in this realm. May this spirit within bring stirring, curing to the surface the beam of honest endearment to all those she is so blessed to encounter. Inspire. Transcend.
The Artist
When reality is the vision the vision is reality.