©2010-2012 Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
Gratitude for your interest in artistic creations by Chelleby.
Humbled and honored that this vessels expressions inspire.

To purchase art,  prices or inquiries please contact the artist at Chelleby1@gmail.com

Thank you!

Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
The ArtisitThe Artisit
Urban Angel Book for sale!!!
High Resolution, glossy images, brilliant color!
Inspirational Quotes & Poetry by Chelleby & Others.

$100.00 Respectfully.
Urban Angels Book Now available!
"This is a photo of the book I own. It is a collection of some of the best images of this series. It contains stunning visual images with poetry and quotations from both the artist and from various texts and individuals. The book is both visually and philosophically inspiring. The stark contrasts of hopelessness and hope, in my opinion, really resonate in today's world. If you've got a spiritual or philosophical bone in your body, I highly recommend this book." ~Ralph Cahill
"Chelleby - I received your book and I'm thrilled. After "friending" you almost accidentally on FB, I began to search for and loved finding your photos and being happy when new ones would appear. They always made me think, reflect and feel almost, in a strange way, empowered during what was a difficult time in my life. You are an incredible artist. I have shared the book with my daughters, which has been an additional treat." ~Leslie Shilling-Kincart