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Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
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Fitness Ink* is a collection of photos of members and staff of Golds Gym who are dedicated to fitness and use their bodies as their own individual canvases. From the imagination of Chelleby, a local art expressionist photographer, the walls of Golds Gym are adorned with enriched color photos of members and staff with eloquent tattoo art. These photos include Origin - staff member Crystal Starr displays her mystical back piece of Tinkerbell in a butterfly infused fairy garden, materialized in vibrant color.
Upstairs we see Sweet Jesus Kaine! - a photograph of gym member Kaine Bennett, showing off his inked up forearms and biceps outstretched over his glorious Impala, and Clownin’, a playful portrait of funny man Steve Dinkins, dangling upside down from a pipe over the St. Johns River. Chelleby has the unique ability to take any person in any situation and cultivate them into a magnificent work of art. With a keen eye for location, arrangement, props, fashion and a creative flare for make-up, Chelleby can bring out the inner model or inner freak in anyone.
Chelleby's Urban Angels: Evocative New Photo Series.
Jacksonville based photographer Chelleby is making waves with her new photo series, Urban Angels. Part fashion photography, part social commentary, the playful exhibit brings a light wistful touch to the issues of urban blight, contemporary evils and the sometimes unlikely people sent to help. MetroJacksonville brings you an exclusive online debut: Urban Angels, described by its creator as being about "the things everyone pretends that they can't see: Blight and the Angels sent to help."
Although Chelleby’s appearance is a darker, edgy mix of Marilyn Monroe & Edie Sedgewick, her inner beauty shows that she is a joyous person, happy & loving to those around her. In Blue Velvet Evolve she hopes not to bring depression & cynicism to her viewers but to enlighten them about what’s happening in our city. Chelleby clarifies, “I hope that the art show will raise awareness of all the youthful deaths & murders in Jacksonville, so that we can come together to help prevent youthful deaths in our community.
Blue Velvet Evolve