Artistic Expressions of Chelleby
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And finally the disease has ceased. Let the sickness that fused lust confused to be love. He always set boundaries, afraid to let loose. He was not true, only crave the pulse of hot wet flesh where ever he can get it. Primitive. One who is devout, one who is real, one of passion and desire will love unconditional, committed, inviting me into his whole world, exhorting, sharing, cherishing, enjoying the journey and all of this vessel beyond the body into the mind and spirit. ~Chelleby
"Sun sharing she asked if it was easier not knowing who your soul mate is, than to know and not be able to touch, express love to him. She answered, to know and burn passion is harder than wonder and mystery. Together they wiggled their toes in the sand as the tide of the ocean rocked their twin hearts. Sharing in the sun souls come undone." ~Chelleby Starr
~Dream of the Soul
Last night I had a dream that I was in a playground after dark on a 'see saw' alone, yet still it would rise up and then crash to the ground over and over. The experience was unpleasant, painful, annoying and harsh, so I removed myself from the see saw. When I let go of that I felt a welcoming into my spirit, then suddenly a new person that I had never met before stood before me smiling.
A young man. And I felt peace inside me, acceptance of myself and acceptance of him. There was no pain when we shared time together, just happiness, peace, laughter, pure, truthful, equal companionship, trust and love. It was an alien emotion, an un traveled frontier for this transcended, whole vessel so use to trying to fix broke people instead of finding another whole soul to travel this voyage with. And when two whole souls meet, what a dynamic that takes place. In this new realm I smiled alot and was always comfortable. As I sat down in our simple home, with our stark decor on his lap sharing the same chair, I rested my head on his shoulder knowing this feeling, this ease is truth and I could rest my whole soul. This is home.
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